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TRBo: Turtle RescueBot

TRBo: Turtle RescueBot: Buy on Tape


Baby Turtles have been kidnapped! And your boss, Agent Anzu, has assigned you, TRBo, to rescue as many as possible.

Why have they been kidnapped? What nefarious plot is afoot? Such questions are way beyond your pay grade, my friend.

Use the joystick to explore the underground lairs where the baby turtles are being held. If you encounter a turtle, it will follow you around. As you find more turtles, they will follow behind you in a turtle chain.

Your task is to lead the turtles to your Safecraft on the surface. Enter the craft, and the turtles in your chain will board the craft in turn, each one earning you 100 points, or credits, or whatever motivates heroic robots.

You do not know the floorplan of the maze going in. You must explore it. Each lair (at least for a while) contains one computer terminal. If you find the terminal, it will give you the floorplan of the entire lair, as well as the locations of the baby turtles and gears.

You start the game in good condition, with eight gears. Each gear you find in the lair is worth 25 points. You cannot have more than eight gears at any time.

You can expend one of these gears to dig a hole in the lair, which you may travel through. To dig, push the fire button while moving the joystick in the direction you want to dig. You can dig if you have more than one gear.

TIP: Pay attention to where the ladders are at the surface. If there are no ladders near your craft, you may have to dig an escape route early.

Seems easy so far!

However, somebody took these turtles for a reason, at great expense, and so there are patrols to guard them. These patrols are equipped with a powerful beam that can damage you. If you enter a patrol's line of sight, it can hit you from across any room. If there's a poor turtle standing in the way, it'll get hit instead of you, and turtles aren't very hardy.

The patrols will usually just hang around turtles to guard them. But once they're alterted to your presence, they'll become hunters, and they'll shoot any turtle they see. So stay out of sight! If you find a terminal while the patrols are hunters, the terminal will cancel the alert and the patrols will forget that they saw you.

TIP: Patrols cannot move through holes you dig, until you lead a turtle through that hole. Once the patrols see a turtle move through the hole, it becomes fair game!

Once all of the turtles in the lair are either rescued or killed, board your craft to advance to the next lair. You'll get a bonus of 50 points for each remaining gear.

TIP: There are way more turtles around than gears. Even though your duty is to rescue these turtles, sometimes they make pretty good shields.

The game is over when you run out of gears.

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